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District Highlights – 2011 Census

Jalaun is a city in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The town was formerly the residence of a Maratha governor, but never the headquarters of the district, The HQ. of the District is at Orai, a city on the  Kanpur-Jhansi NH27.

  • District Jalaun ranks 57th terms of population in the state.
  • The percentage share of urban population in the district is 24.8 percent as against 22.3 percent of the population in urban areas of the state.
  • Jalaun district has population density of 370 persons per sq. km., which is lower than the state average 829 persons per
  • Jalaun district ranks 63rd in terms of sex ratio (865), which is lower than the state average of 912 females per thousand males.
  • Jalaun district ranks 11th in literacy with 73.7 percent which is higher than the state average of 67.7 percent.
  • There are only 209 uninhabited villages out of total 1,151 villages in the district.
  • Decadal growth rate of the district 16.2 percent is lower to the state average of 20.2 percent.
  • Madhogarh tehsil has the highest number of inhabited villages 223, while Orai tehsil has the lowest number 128 of inhabited villages.
  • The district has 10 towns , all are statutory town. Neither any statutory town has been added, merged nor declassified after 2001 census.
  • There are 288,338 households in the district accounting for 0.9 percent of the total households in the state. The average size of households in the district is 5.9 persons.