Other Departments , Village & Panchayats

In district Jalaun

Nyay Panchayat-81, Gram Panchayat – 564, Village – 1155

other district level officers are also posted at District headquarters. Other District Level of Offices are District Informatics Officer (NIC), Field Publicity Officer and Income Tax Officer, Sr. Treasury Officer, District Supply Officer, District Agriculture Officer, District Economics & Statistical Officer, District Savings Officer, District Sports Officer, District Employment Officer, Trade tax Officer, Entertainment Tax Officer, District Prosecution Officer, District Excise Officer, General Manager 12 District Industry Centre, Plant Protection Officer, District Panchayat Raj Officer, District Programme Officer, Basic Shiksha Adhikari, District Inspector of Schools, Sp. Land acquisition Officer, District Social Welfare Officer, Minority Welfare Officer, Project Manager (U.P.L.D.C.), Asstt. Regional Transport  Officer, Asstt. District Election Officer, and District Soldier welfare Officer are also deployed for monitoring and execution of various development activities in there district.

The Nucleus of the district body for self government is consisted of Mayor & Nagar Ayukat at Nagar Nigam level and Executive Officer (E.O) & Chairman of their respective Nagar Palika Parishad/ Nagar Panchayats. Similarly at Jila Parishad level Jila Panchayats Chairman & Apar Mukhya Adhikari (AMA) work as a public representative. Pramukh of Kshetra Samiti/Panchayat & B.D.O in Vikas Khand level, Gram Pradhan & Panchayat secretary in his Gram Panchayats comes under Local self-government. Other members of different local bodies also represent their respective area at ward and village level.

Total area of the district is 4565.0 Sq. Km. The rural area covers 4491.5 Sq. Km. and urban recorded 73.5 Sq. Km. There are 564 Gram Panchayats and 1151 Revenue villages with 942 inhabited villages and 209 uninhabited villages in the district. In urban area there are 10 Statutory Towns. Statutory Towns comprises of 04 Nagar Palika Parishad and 06 Nagar Panchayats.