The Judicial administration of the District is headed by District and Session Judge. In addition to him there are several Additional District Judge, Civil Judge, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Munsif Magistrate and others judiciary officer are also posted to look after legal matters.

Judicial Officers in Jalaun at Orai


  1. ANIL KUMAR GUPTA, District & Sessions Judge
  2. SHRI NATH SINGH, Addl. District & Sessions Judge
  3. CHANDRA PAL SINGH, Spl. J. (SC/ST, Pev.of Atroci Act)
  4. UMESH PRAKASH, Spl. Judge (U.P. Dacoity.A.A.)
  5. SMT. REETA GUPTA, Principal Judge, Family Court
  6. NARENDRA KUMAR-III, Spl. Judge (E.C. Act)
  7. DINESH TIWARI, Addl. District & Sessions Judge
  9. SMT. NISHA SINGH, Addl. District & Sessions Judge(FTC)
  10. ANIL KUMAR YADAV-II, Secretary
  11. SHITLA PRASAD, Attached to District HQ from 30/10/15
  12. SMT. ANURADHA PUNDIR, Chief Judicial Magistrate
  13. GULAM MUSTAFA, Civil Judge (Senior Div.)(FTC)
  14. KRISHNA KUMAR-VII, Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
    (At Jalaun-Jalaun at Orai)
  15. VIVEK VIKRAM, Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
    (At Konch-Jalaun at Orai)
  16. DANVIR SINGH, Civil Judge (Junior Div.)