Animal Husbandry

Details of the works being done by Animal Husbandry Department, District Jalaun

The main functions of the Department of Animal Husbandry are veterinary treatment, castrate, immunisation and artificial insemination.

    1. Veterinary:  In addition to the treatment of sick animals under veterinary medicine, they are brought back to milk production by providing medical treatment for malnourishment and surgical removal of infertility and infertility (infertility) and increase the productivity of animals, Along with the increase in the income of the cattle owner.
    2. Vaccination: – Immunization is done under various types of vaccination for the prevention of bacterial and viral diseases in animals, which are as follows.
      • Big animals: In Govanshik and Mahishvanshiya animals, vaccines of Galagotu, lamadaha fever and Khurpka acne disease are applied.
      • Small Animals: – Vaccines like E.V.V., P RP, SEP POCKS, etc. are used in sheep and goat. Swine fever vaccines are applied in sukar.
      • Bird (chicken) – Mrugi R.D. and FP vaccine is applied.
    3. Vaccination work is done in every 6 months under the National Immunization Campaign, in the breed of cats and breed animals. Serum samples of FDM, Bird Flu, Glander / Farsi are sent to  the regular laboratory for examination.
    4. Badhiyakaran: –  is done in the following categories of male animals, which can improve the breed of animals.
    5. Artificial insemination: – The work of artificial insemination is done by applying the upper limit of normal range of high quality animals, from other places, by improving the animal breed, that the income of veterinary animals along with productivity increases
    6. BACKARD POLTRY: Chicks are distributed among the beneficiaries of Scheduled Castes under the backyard poultry development and have given initial training related to marketing of poultry like chicks, feeding systems, prevention of diseases, immunisation eggs and moss etc. goes.

    The details of the working organizations of Animal Husbandry Department under the District Jalaun are enclosed.
    Chief veterinarian Jalaun at Orai