District Industry and Enterprise Promotion Centers, Jalaun at Orai
(Brief description dated 20.2.2018)

The District Industry and Enterprise Promotion Center is a cooperative organization for the inclusive and sustainable industrial development in the district, for the industrial development of the district, entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs are provided opportunities / guidance for industry establishment / industry operations. In order to provide maximum employment and livelihood opportunities in the district.

The various programs / schemes currently operated by the department are following:-

Single table arrangement: – In the establishment of small and medium enterprises under this arrangement, there is an arrangement of Online Commission application form for issuing departmental permissions, non-disclosure, registration and licensing. For this arrangement, District Enterprises and Protsahan  Kendra is the nodal office.
District Level Industries Bundu Yojana: – Under this scheme, the meeting is convened every month under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate, in which problems related to industries of the district entrepreneurs are diagnosed and solved.
Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program: – For this purpose, the traditional handicrafts, artisans, prospective entrepreneurs, up to Rs.25 lakh under the scheme and setting up a service venture upto Rs. 10 lakhs up to 35% to 25% and urban areas For the 25% to 15% the contribution / margin money is given to reserved and unreserved category respectively.
Samajwadi Yuva Swarozgar Yojana: Through the state government’s scheme implemented by the state government in 2016, Rs. Up to 25 lakhs, 25 lakh for the youth of the district and up to 25 lakhs up to 25 lakhs of project cost, margin money is available.
Scheduled Castes / Tribe Sub Plan Scheme: Under the scheme, practical and technical training is given for the students of the scheduled castes / tribes of the district for four months.
Entrepreneurship Development Training Scheme- Under this scheme, women and men of all classes of the district are given one day, one weekly, two weekly, four weekly, six weekly training programs for the establishment of the industry so that the technical information for self employment and setting up of enterprises Can be obtained.
Interest Benefit Plans: – The objective of this scheme is interest rate payable on the loans taken for the purchase of the plant and machinery by the new small and medium industrial units which are being set up in Bundelkhand, up to 7% maximum of 3 lakh per unit per year. Can be availed of.
Schemes related to handicrafts: – Handicrafts Marketing Incentive Scheme, for the purpose of visiting the district handicraftsmen after participating in fairs and exhibitions, and the maximum reimbursement of the expenses incurred on stall rentals is Rs. 12 thousand per handheld. Identity and handicrafts for identifying and promoting handicraftsmen and handicrafts for more than sixty years have been arranged to provide socialist pension from last year.

MSME Industry Base Registration: – It can be done by himself entrepreneur by linking adhar with online registration.
Technical upgradation: – In the established industries, the advantage of the product for establishing a new machine plant / technical consultation can be taken so that the industries of the district can get the benefit of the new technology.
One district one product scheme (ODDP) – Hon’ble Chief Minister has launched one District one product scheme, in Uttar Pradesh, 24-1-2017. Selecting a product of the designated district, giving employment to him, arranging the marketing of the products and Improve the quality of the product by improving design etc. The product of the handcraft industry has been selected for this purpose under the scheme. Under which the unemployed people of the district should be given employment and clarification of improvement in the arrangement of the marketing of the products etc. In order to ensure the establishment of newly established and newly established units in the district, to solve the problems of hand paper industries in the district. Establishment and development and unemployed youth can get employment.
Upcoming Action Plan- To achieve the goal of industrial development in the district and to achieve the maximum allocation of ongoing schemes for employment and livelier creation, guidance of entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs and the noc available from different departments to single window To be issued as soon as possible according to the system Incentives for the industries employed in the areas of the industrial estate and the plot of the non-government industry, according to rules, proceedings of the allotment of land to the other interested entrepreneurs and the meeting of the Chief Minister’s review meeting dated 06.04.17 and 20.04.17 as per the instructions of District level Industries Bundu meeting Making quick and meaningful solutions to problems of all entrepreneurs of the district. Go

Deputy Commissioner District Industry and Enterprise Promotion Centers, Jalaun at Orai