Year: 2010


Transparent Targeted Public Distribution System of Food  and  Civil Supplies Department – Government of Uttar Pradesh

        A significant part of the challenges in the PDS system emanates from Bogus (ration cards belonging to fictitious families) and Shadow (genuine ration cards used by someone else) ration cards in the system. If the bogus cards can be substantially weeded out and a mechanism put in place to positively confirm and track the availability of essential commodities for individual beneficiary off take on a monthly basis, the problems relating to PDS leakages, Transparency and Transportation would get resolved, as leakage would become more difficult to hide. This initiative of the department focused on improving the quality of the beneficiary database and empowering the beneficiary with information regarding availability coupled with a computerized MIS system that has effectively improved the PDS system. The Food & Civil Supplies Department, as part of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) operates through a network of 73,000 Fair Price Shops.
IT-enabled services being provided by the Food & Civil Supplies department of UP have an impact on all three categories – G2C (BPL, Antyodya, APL card holders, farmers), G2B (Transport Contractors, Rice Millers, FPS Owners etc.) & G2G (Administrators, District Authorities, Govt. Officials). The initiatives taken to date have brought in a paradigm change in the functioning of the department. ICT is being used to provide the following services: For ex. Under G2C Citizens and ration card holders are provided correct and timely information free-of-cost through sms alerts on
lifting of food grains, sugar, kerosene oil and other essential commodities supplied through the TPDS, They also get to know if their FPS dealer has been suspended, and which FPS dealer will distribute their rations. Under G2B FPS dealers are no more at the mercy of the officials as action by them has been mandated to be brought online. Under G2G the database of ration cards is being used for linking with the ambitious UID project, Other departments, such as Rural Development, are using the exhaustive database in their own schemes.

The software designed and develop by NIC Jalaun and it was further replicated in whole districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Csi-Nihilent award 2009-10 Pg-19 (PDF-3.2MB)

Award Type : Gold

Award By:

CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2009-10

Winner Team Name:

Sh. Rajeev Agarwal, IAS, Food Commissioner U.P. and Team

Team Members

Team Members
SL NO. Name
1 Sh. Rigzin Sampheal IAS District Magistrate Jalaun at Orai UP
2 Sh. Krishna Mohan DIO/NIC
3 Sh. Ashok Kumar Saxena ADIO/NIC Jalaun at Orai.
Project Name: Transparent Targeted Public Distribution System of Food
Location: Hyderabad