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Year: 2018 | Date: 24/08/2019

Content  –  DM. DR. Mannan Akhatar and D.I.O.S. Mr. Bhagwat patel along with B.S.A. Mr. Rajesh kumar sahi  conceptulized an innovative concept ” KAUN BANEGA NANHA KALAM ” and achived the record ” most Students  took part in an innovative competition in a district. 48726 students registered and appeared in this competition on 16 July 2018 in 842 different schools of district jalaun to generate scientific temper in the students from class 06 to 08 {junior} and 09 to 10 {senior} in whole district .

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Award Type : Gold

Award By:

Mr Denial chubru, Ambassador Argentina

Winner Team Name:

DR. Mannan Akhatar, IAS, District Magistrate Jalaun

Team Members

Team Members
SL NO. Name
1 Mr. Bhagwat patel D.I.O.S.
2 Mr. Rajesh kumar sahi B.S.A.
3 All principal govt inter college
4 All block Education officer
Project Name: Kaun Banega Nannha Kalam-2018
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Location: The Taj Hotel, New Delhi